High TemperatureSuperconductorsfor future of industry

We develop, produce and innovate materials for technologies of the future where you can transport electric power with no resistance and where levitation is not just the domain of magicians.

Visualization of city of future, using HTS technologies for transporting power.

REBCO Bulks, Targets, Powders, Bi-2223 Current leads, Magnetic ShieldsDeveloped for Your HTS Needs

Supplying for more than 25 years both as standardized products and within experimental cooperation in countless interesting projects!

REBCO Melt-textured Bulks
HTS Sputtering Targets
Bi-2223 Magnetic Shields
REBCO Powders
Custom HTS

Our proprietary production process from raw materials to perfectly balanced final product

All our products are made in house within ISO 9001 certification. We run our own continuous R&D and successfully cooperate with a number of leading academic institutions worldwide.

More about HTS Bulks & Materials

CAN superconductorsused across industries

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We have been developing and fabricating superconductors for more than 25 years.
We test new materials, take active part in major global conferences and we also organize some of them. We are proud to be a part of global high temperature superconductivity community.

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Upcoming Events

2024 September 1 — 2023 September 6

Applied Superconductivity Conference - ASC 2024

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September 1 - 6, 2024, Salt Lake City, USA

Want to see us in person? Come and meet CAN at ASC, where we will, as always since 1996, have our exhibition booth. Our specialist will also contribute to the scientific program with a talk and a few posters. See you in SLC in September!