Maglev Demonstration Set

Demonstration set for popularizing HTS technology

Demonstration and educational tool for schools, technical museums and science centres popularizing HTS technology.

A train carriage fitted with 2 HTS YBCO superconducting disks levitates above a magnetic track made of permanent magnets. Ideal for outreach programs, science days, physics lessons or just pure fun. Requires liquid nitrogen for operation.

The set includes:

Magnetic Track

Train Carriage with 2 Y-Ba-Cu-O disks and 2 CR2032 batteries

Launch Pad

Set of Landscape Accessories
(9 trees, station building, flag pole, windmill)

Dimensions: 105 cm x 70 cm (41" x 28") Weight: 15.5 kg
Note: Liquid Nitrogen not included!

Price: € 2,290 ($ 2,490)

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