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The management of CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS, s.r.o. considers the following to be the key areas for the purposes of continuous improvement and increasing the management system effectiveness:

  • Deepening the awareness of the company employees concerning the importance of meeting the following requirements:
    • requirements from customers
    • requirements prescribed by legal regulations
    • other binding requirements
  • Setting the basic direction of the organization and its elaborating into specific objectives
  • Securing means for implementation of these objectives
  • Creating feedback for optimizing the functionality and effectiveness of the management system

Based on the above our organization sets the following primary objectives:

  • Perfect identification and understanding of current needs of the customer as well as an effort to predict and influence the customer’s requirements in future
  • creating communication channels both from and to the customers
  • creating the system of feedback acquisition for the purposes of verification and evaluation of correctness of the direction of the organization in relation to requirements of its customers
  • evaluation of the customers' satisfaction

CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS, s.r.o. strategy in the area of quality must be based on a thorough exploitation of all efforts and resources to meet the requirements, needs and expectations of customers with respect to quality, lead times and price policy, including acquisition of information from the customers, including their opinions on the products and services offered.

Regarding the above the company management binds itself to:

  • create, continuously maintain and continuously improve the company’s internal quality management system in accordance with the principles of the ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016 standard
  • satisfy applicable requirements (legal and other)
  • focus the attention of the company management on the continuous development of organization of work, progressive development of equipment, technology, capacity, and supply options including the system of implementation and services
  • plan the necessary resources, materials and inputs while minimizing quality assurance costs
  • permanently ensure the professional competence of employees for quality performance
  • permanently ensure the adequacy of technical equipment
  • gradually modernize and, if necessary, expand technical and business sections of the company and create a model of a modern company

Management of CAN SUPERCONDUCTORS, s.r.o. expects its employees to be loyal, to adhere to the company culture and to identify with the announced quality policy and the adopted strategic quality goals. In this respect the management imposes the following requirments on the company employees:

  • constantly check the results of their activities from the perspective of their future user
  • thoroughly verify each proposed solution to improve quality and implement it without any delay
  • in contact with the customer, follow the rules set by the company management in all circumstances and thus build partnerships with the customer
  • bring forward all comments and suggestions of customers to the company and propose measures to improve the quality resulting from such comments and suggestions
  • actively participate in training, develop skills acquired through training and thus increase their expertise and professionalism

The quality policy is adequate for the purposes and context of our company and in line with our strategic focus.
The principles of this policy are binding for all employees of CAN SUPERCONDUCTOS, s.r.o.