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Our Latest Publications

Improving the screening ability of high-temperature superconductors by combining disk-shaped bulks and closed-loop coated conductors

Novel Chemical Recycling Process of REBCO Materials Showcased on TSMG Waste

Novel approach for manufacture of single-grain EuBCO/Ag bulk superconductors via modified single-direction melt growth

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Statistical evaluation of the mechanical and flux trapping properties of standard and thin-wall EuBCO(Ag) bulk superconductors

Complex microstructural analysis of YBCO single-grain bulks with artificial holes: Effect on superconducting properties

Silver recycling from defective GdBCO/Ag high-temperature superconducting bulks

Influence of substrate temperature on the morphology and phase composition of thin films prepared from Y-123 targets by the IJD method

Transport current measurement of Ic(T,B,θ) and n(T,B,θ) for a bulk REBCO superconductor

Microstructure and superconducting properties of bulk EuBCO-Ag with and without holes

Bulk GdBCO–Ag superconductors with holes

Tuning the top-seeded melt growth of REBCO single-domain superconducting bulks by a pyramid-like buffer stack

Improved trapped field performance of single grain Y‐Ba‐Cu‐O bulk superconductors containing artificial holes

Influence of RE-Based Liquid Source (RE= Sm, Gd, Dy, Y, Yb) on EuBCO/Ag Superconducting Bulks

Transport Coefficients in Y-Ba-Cu-O System for Ionized Jet Deposition Method

Effect of Target Density on the Surface Morphology of Y-Ba-Cu-O Thin Films Prepared by Ionized Jet Deposition

Variability in levitation properties of YBCO bulks grown in one batch

SPS of YBCO precursor for the top-seeded melt growth

Phase-stable segmentation of BSCCO high-temperature superconductor into micro-, meso-, and nano-size fractions

Artificially perforated single‐grain YBCO bulks: Dependence of superconducting properties on the bulk thickness

Influence of neutron and gamma radiation on YBCO and GdBCO/Ag superconducting bulks

Radial and axial stiffness of superconducting bearings based on YBCO single-domain bulks processed with artificial holes

Relationship between local microstructure and superconducting properties of commercial YBa2Cu3O7− δ bulk

Influence of CeO2 on microstructure, cracking and trapped field of TSIG YBCO single-grain superconductors

Heat capacity and thermal stability of Y2BaCuO5

Cost-effective isothermal top-seeded melt-growth of single-domain YBCO superconducting ceramics

Enhanced mechanical properties of single-domain YBCO bulk superconductors processed with artificial holes

Microscale and nanoscale pinning centres in single-domain REBCO superconductors

Thermodynamic Properties of Stoichiometric Non-Superconducting Phase Y2BaCuO5

Synthesis of YBCO-Y-2411-M (M= Bi, Mo, Nb, Ta, Ti and Zr) superconducting composites by TSMG

Synthesis and properties of YBa2Cu3O7-δ–Y2Ba4CuWO10. 8 superconducting composites

Long-Term Quality Observation in Large-Scale Production of Top-Seeded Melt Growth YBCO Bulks

Comparison of mechanical and superconducting properties of YBaCuO and GdBaCuO single grains prepared by top-seeded melt growth

Trapped field in different shapes of RE-Ba-Cu-O single grains for the use in production of superconducting bearings

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