REBCO Melt-Textured Bulks

Superconducting Single or Multi Domain Crystals
REBCO Melt-textured Bulks


Superconducting single or multi domain melt textured YBaCuO, GdBCO and EuBCO crystals. Disks, squares and other shapes with ability to trap high magnetic field and exhibit strong levitation force. Suitable for self-stabilizing frictionless magnetic bearings, magnetic couplings, flywheels, mixers etc.

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REBCO Bulk Selection Assistant

We supply Yttrium, Gadolinium or Europium based bulks. Each material has differrent magnetic properties, mechanical stability and homogeneity. To help you find the right product, we have prepared the following simple guide. Before you choose our product, you should be able to define its intended use.

Rebco bulk selection assistant diagram