Instructions for use

Instuctions for use - Meissner Effect Demonstration

The demonstration kit includes:

  • YBCO-123 polycrystalline disk, diameter 22 mm
  • small NdFeB magnet, diameter 4 mm
  • tweezers

Step One

Place the small magnet on top of the YBCO disk.

Step Two

Pour a small amount of the liquid nitrogen
into the cup until the superconductor is fully immersed.

Step Three

After approx. one minute the magnet will
float above the superconductor’s surface
demonstrating the magnetic flux expulsion
from the superconductor. Enjoy!

Keep the superconductor in the superconducting state by occasionally pouring the liquid nitrogen. Using tweezers, try to press the magnet to the
superconductor’s surface and/or move it above the superconductor surface. After finishing, let the parts warm to room temperature and dry them properly before storaging.

Always observe the safety rules.